Ain’t No Vaccine for the Travel Bug

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear. {J.C.}

{August 15, 2016}

We are a month out now from our departure date and this summer has been filled with color-coded calendars, spreadsheets, team meetings, & to-do lists. In an interesting way, the momentum of getting all of our ducks in line has trumped any forces working against us– most notably, the 3 a.m. moments when we wake up in a sweaty panic thinking “What the hell are we doing?!” But, thankfully, every twilight bout of doubt has been offset by a moment of clarity at sunrise that washes away the worries. We have been penny-pinching, yard sale-savvy savers and it seems like perfect timing that we finally filled our World Tour jar to the tippy top. Our contributions to it over the years were accompanied by whispers to the universe: “Here’s a lunch in Indo” or “Here’s a coffee in Bolivia” or “Here’s a bus ride in Nepal”. There have been lots of emotional moments on this journey so far– resigning from work being the most stressful…telling our families about our plans being the most difficult…getting stuck with lots of needles at the travel clinic being the most painful. But, we have been keeping each others’ heads on straight with many pep talks and being each others’ cheerleader through our long days at work, graduate classes, licensing tests, moonlighting projects, and surgeries. We’re in the home stretch countdown now: 29 days!


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